M & M Plumbing


M&M Plumbing is a professionally licensed plumbing company specializing in residential and construction plumbing services for the Greenville, and Rogersville, TN area.

Offering installation, repairs, maintenance, and 24/7 emergency services, we strive for customer satisfaction with every project we take. If you're looking for excellent service that exceeds expectation, you can trust M&M Plumbing for your plumbing and piping solutions!

residential plumbing services

You can rely on M&M Plumbing for any of your residential plumbing services. If you need expert emergency services, or regular maintenance in the Rogersville, or Greeneville, TN area... call us today for quick and efficient solutions.

Universal Protection Program:

M&M Plumbing offers a Universal Protection Program so that you're always prepared for malfunctions, or emergency services to your pipes and plumbing systems. Benefits of this program include:

  • Peace Of Mind - We'll provide periodic inspections to keep your plumbing and water heater working at peak efficiency and to spot potential issues before they become emergency break-downs!
  • Preferred Treatment - When you experience plumbing emergencies, you'll receive priority service 24/7.
  • Expert Service - Our skilled plumbers provide fast and dependable services at fair rates for normal maintenance and replacement parts.
  • Price Protection - Your agreement prices will not be raised, and we charge by the job - not by the hour - which saves you money on every project.

pipe installs and servicing

Is the piping in your home outdated or malfunctioning? If so, you should consider a re-piping project by M&M Plumbing. We offer installation of copper, PEX or CPVC piping and complete the work with minimal drywall damage or repairs necessary. We'll replace faulty valves to prevent leaks, and make it easier to locate plumbing problems in the future.

Reasons To Consider Re-Piping:

  • You live in an older home with aging or corroded pipes.
  • Your home has low water pressure from mineral or sediment accumulation and build-up.
  • Your water is discolored or smells/tastes bad from rust and sediment deposits in the pipes.

Don't wait. Consult with the experts at M&M Plumbing today to find out more about our re-piping services, and pipe maintenance!

Don't forget, we also specialize in water heater maintenance, and installations. Installing a new, energy efficient water heater can save you money on your next utility bill, and make sure you always have hot water available when you need it!

new construction plumbing

Every new construction project requires professional plumbing and piping before the job is complete. If you need plumbing installed for your new construction project, call M&M Plumbing today to discuss pricing and availability. We specialize in professional plumbing that is always up to current codes and standards.

We complete thorough plumbing projects with the greatest attention to detail in Rogersville and Greenville, TN.

When considering a new construction project, you always want to have the most reliable plumbing that will stand the test of time. By completing a thorough and professional plumbing installation for a new building - you prevent malfunctions with your pipes and drainage by making sure the job is done correctly the first time.

M&M Plumbing offers the latest in energy efficient equipment and top-of-the-line diagnostic tools for plumbing systems. Don't settle for a company that provides sub-par services when M&M Plumbing is both affordable and professional!