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I am one of those people who never says "never". But in the case I can honestly say that I will NEVER use any other plumber other than M & M Plumbing. I have a relatively new home where the plumbing sub-contractor did a horrible job when installing the original plumbing. It has given problems since day one. I had Mike of M & M Plumbing look at it for advice. I pretty well knew that the entire plumbing needed to be replaced. Toilets, showers, etc. would constantly back up. Whoever installed the system didn't have a clue what they were doing. Thankfully Mike fixed all that at a very reasonable price! His work is strictly professional and he has a very strong work ethic. I will never have problems with the system again. Some day when the house gets very old and becomes completely deteriorated, the plumbing will still be functioning properly while everything else will be pretty much a disaster. One other problem I had was because I am on well-water, my water is hard. Mike installed a water softener, and what a great difference that has made! I now can rest easy knowing that whenever I flush a toilet or take a shower the plumbing is going to work properly - thanks to Mike. Thanks Mike, you're my "go to guy"!!!
M&M showed up on time, suggested a less costly repair, did a good job and cleaned up. The cost was much less than we originally discussed. Now my wife is happy, therefore so am I.
I called M & M Plumbing because of the reviews that I read when researching companies. I had the pleasure of meeting Wayne and Evan who came out to fix a boo boo a contractor had done concerning the tubing that goes into the bathtub spout. They tried to see if it would work with the new spout sent but it continued to leak. Wayne's professional opinion was it needed to be copper tubing and not the pex used (not to mention the pex was cut too short). I gave the go ahead and these two guys were done within and hour. I liked the fact that they worked quickly and efficiently together. Not to mention they were just two of the nicest people you would want to meet. I will be passing along this companies name to those in need of good plumbers. Thank you!
My water heater went out and I bought a new one. I needed someone to put it in because the old one was old and hard to get out. Mike came out right away that day and installed my new one . Did a great job and fast getting here. He was very neat and did a great job. I would refer him to anyone. Thanks Mike.

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